About Us

Development Channel is a mobile technology-based digital innovation, supplemented by civic activism, aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals. This is the first of its kind global initiative integrating TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION and ACTIVISM for achieving the larger goals of educating and empowering the citizens across the world.

Development Channel is also the largest global hub for ‘development news’ from around the world.

Empowering public through awareness and education is the prime responsibility of  media. But at a time when commercial interests drive sensational contents, we are aiming to bring back the emphasis of information as a tool for empowerment. This is the first phase and soon more innovations will be added to it.

Our youth volunteers movement, ‘Leaders For Tomorrow’  along with our partner organisations will lead the civic voluntary work from across the world.

Driven by our Global Editorial Board comprising of achievers from diverse fields representing more than 100 countries, we are aiming to be the global mouthpiece for sustainable development.

The biggest impediments for development are lack of awareness and illiteracy. There are more than a billion illiterates or school dropouts in the world. Our larger goal is to bring awareness to the citizens in order to achieve inclusive growth, sustainable development and peace across the world.

Contact us: info@developmentchannel.org

Address : 31 Copeton Avenue, Tarneit, Melbourne, Victoria 3029, Australia