World’s first baby carrying DNA from three people born

In a first in the world, a baby that carries DNA of three people has been born, in an experimental IVF treatment, known as mitochondrial donation.

In the controversial development, scientists used an egg from the mother, sperm from the father and another egg from a female donor.

The doctors replaced the mitochondria from the mothers egg with that from the donor. They say that this helped the 32-year-old mother, who had undergone four previous unsuccesful IVF rounds, succesfully conceive and give birth.

The baby boy, weighing 2.9kg (6lb) is in good health. The treatment was done at Institute of Life clinic in Greece.

However, scientists are skeptical about the effectiveness of the method unless further studies are done.

The replacement of mitochondria is usually done to prevent women with debilitating or even fatal mitochondrial diseases from passing on to the child.



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