Conference raises $7 bn for Syria


A United Nations-led donor conference on Syria is on track to raise about $7 billion, more than what had been expected.

The conference at Brussels saw the European Union itself pledging about $2.2 billion and Germany $1.7 billion. But neither the government or the opposition forces were invited for the event.

UN had estimated that $3.4 billion would be needed to meet the country’s internal needs and $6.8 billion to help the neighbouring countries that are hosting millions of refugees.

About four-fifths of the Syrians now live in poverty.

Although the pro-government forces, backed by Russia, has made significant gains in the war and there is a claim that the Islamic State is almost defeated, the conflict in the country is far from over.

A political agreement on who would be in charge of the reconstruction is to be made before the donors actually pump in the money.



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