Asylum applications at EU falls to pre-2015 levels: Eurostat


With 580,845 people seeking the first-time asylum in 2018, the number of such application to the European Union has fallen drastically to the pre-2015 levels.

According to an EU statistics agency report, the figure marked an 11 per cent fall from 2017. At the peak of the migrant crisis, in 2015, the EU received over 1.25 million applications.

The Eurostat report also showed that 80,920 of the 2018 applications were by Syrians, 40,990 by Afghans and 39, 595 by Iraqis.

According to the EU coast guard agency Frontex, the number of people who irregularly crossed to the region also fell to a five year low –around 150,000.

Germany, France and Greece were the top three destinations of the migrants.

While the EU-wide average of the migrant application was 1,133 applicants per million population, it was 65 for Hungary and 63 in Poland, where the right-wing government has taken an anti-immigrant stand.



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