Faced with shortages, doctors go on strike in Zimbabwe


Faced with an acute shortage of medicines and other equipment, doctors in Zimbabwe are on strike in Zimbabwe.

In its second day on Wednesday, the strike is with the demand that the government fulfil its promise of improving health infrastructure.

In a letter to president Emmerson Mnangagwa, the doctors said that the currently available resources are not even enough to provide emergency medical for a month.

The Southern African nation is facing a major economic crisis, with an acute shortage of dollar that it has been using as the currency after hyperinflation made the former national currency useless.

The shortages in hospitals start from painkillers and syringes, making proper medical care difficult. While the rich and powerful travel to countries such as South Africa to get treatment, the ordinary people are the ones who are affected.

Last year, the country had seen a 40-day strike by by junior doctors. The new strike has senior doctors also participating, as they blame the administration of not keeping its promises.



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