Less than tenth of MPs/MLAs in India are women: ADR analysis


Only less than one-tenth of members of national and state legislatures in India are women, shows an analysis.

According to the analysis by Association for Democratic Reforms, a civil society organisation, only 440, or 9% of the 4,865 MPs/MLAs across the country are women. According to the census. 48.5% of the 1.3 billion population of India are women.

In the Indian parliament, women constitute 66 (12%) out of 542 members in the lower house, Lok Sabha, and 25(11%) out of 228 members in the upper house, Rajya Sabha.

Among state legislative assemblies, Chattisgarh has the highest share of women representatives: 14.44%. Manipur (3.33%) has the lowest.

When the analysis looked into the candidates who contested in state and parliament elections, 4,173 (8%) of the total 51,143 were women.

While the 1642(34%) MPs/ MLAs have declared criminal cases against them, 52 of them are charged with crimes against women.

In the world’s largest democracy, the issue of more representation for women in politics has often come up in the last several decades. The last such major proposal was a constitutional amendment bill in 2008, passed in 2010 by the Rajya Sabha, but lapsed after it was rejected by the Lok Sabha.

In Panchayati Raj Institutions, the constitution has provided for a 33% reservation for women. More than half of the states in India have more than 50% representation of women in these local self-government institutions.



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