Brazil’s Funai sends expedition to save tribe

Brazil’s indigenous people protection agency Funai has sent a team for a risky expedition in Amazon, aimed at reuniting the members of an isolated group with the rest, in order to avoid major violence with another group.

The group aims to find at least 22 members of a Korubo group who live in Javari valley, in the northern state of Amazonas. This is being done on the request of another indigenous group called Matis.

Matis and Korubo came in contact with each other in 2013. Though there were friendly initially, later on, a deadly clash started between the two groups. While many Korubos migrated from the area, those who stayed mistakenly believed that those relative were actually killed by Matis.

The expedition now has some such migrated members, who, Funai, thinks could convince the Korubo members.

The team, with military’s and government’s backing, will camp at the area and let the Korubos in the group convince other members.



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