India nears is capacity to host tigers: experts

India is nearing its capacity to manage the country’s tiger population, as the shrinking habitats cannot accommodate the rising numbers.

According to a report on The Hindu, Rajesh Gopal, head of the Global Tiger Forum, said that India could host 2,500-3,000 tigers, while the total number of the tigers in the country is expected to go up from 2,226, as per 2014 estimates.

Currently, 25-35% of the tigers in India roam outside protected reserves, say officials.

Shrinking core forest, as well as the narrowing of tiger corridors, are major factors that are limiting the capacity.

“Overall, given the low availability of prey in some reserves, this is the capacity that can be supported. However, there are vast tracts of potential tiger habitat that can be used to improve prey density, develop tiger corridors and therefore support a much larger population,” Y. Jhala of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) was quoted in the report.



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