China imprisons human rights lawyer

A Chinese court has sentence prominent human right lawyer Wang Quanzhang to four and a half years in prison finding him “guilty of subversion of state power”.

The sentence followed a closed hearing at the second intermediate people’s court in Tianjin on 26 December, a report on the Guardian said.

Wang had defended political activists, victims of land seizures, and members of the banned religious group Falun Gong in his career. In August, UN rights group on arbitrary detentions had called on Beijing to release Wang.

An indictment of Wang said that he “seriously harmed the country’s security and social stability” by taking funding from foreign organisations.

The couort has also deprived him of his political rights for five years — making it difficult for him to practice his profession.

According to a leaked directive, the government had ordered the media not to report on the case.



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