DRC’s power transfer: Constitutional court upholds Tshisekedi’s election

The constitutional court of the Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed the election of Felix Tshisekedi as the new president of the country, rejecting allegations of collusion between Tshisekedi and the ruling party to orchestrate the result.

Second-placed Martin Fayulu rejected the provisional results and urged Congolese people not to recognise anyone who “illegitimately claims” to be president.

“The constitutional court has just confirmed that it serves a dictatorial regime … by validating false results, [and enabling] a constitutional coup d’etat,” he said in a statement.

The results of DRC’s first democratic transfer of power in 59 years of independence from Belgium, announced earlier this month by the Independent National Election Commission (CENI), had been challenged by within and outside the country.

A few days ago, the African Union had called for to delay the final results.

The country, according to the UN human rights office, has seen increased violence in which 34 people killed, 59 wounded in the last week.



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