Co-impact fund announces its initial grants

The Co-Impact fund, a comined initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll, and other Giving Pledge signers, will make its initial grants, by providing $80 million over five years to efforts to improve health and education and bring people out of poverty.

The funding will go to,

Liberia’s Community Health Assistant Program. The program with an aim to develop health care workers and provide universal care in remote areas, has its partners including Liberia’s Ministry of Health and Last Mile Health.

Project ECHO. An effort that uses technology and remote mentoring to treat chronic, complex diseases, with an aim to expand the reach of community health-care providers in India.

Teaching at the Right Level Africa. An educational approach in which students are given one-on-one assessments and then taught at their ability level, rather than according to their age. The project is a joint effort that Pratham, an Indian education charity, and Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab have put in place in India and Zambia. It also has pilot programs in several other African countries.

The graduation approach to economic opportunity. Effors such as direct cash gifts as well as access to financial services and training for people living in poverty will be undertaken under the multi-country initiative, with partners including Fundacion Capital and Partnership for Economic Inclusion.

CitiesRise. A multiparty effort to create a network of “mental-health friendly” cities that plans to mobilize youth leaders and use technology to destigmatize mental illnesses.

The Co-Impact fund, started in late 2017 supports initiatives that aim at “systems-change” to improve the lives of millions of people.



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