Zimbabwe shuts internet following massive protests against fuel prize hike

Amidst ongoing protests against fuel price rise, Zimbabwe government has ordered another shutdown of internet services in the country until further notice.

According to a statement by a minister, the Emmerson Mnangagwa government ordered the move because the government found that the protesters were organising via social media.

The protests had begun when the government more than doubled the fuel prices on Sunday, as part of its austerity measures to deal with the worst economic crisis in a decade that the country is under, with an unemployment rate of over 80 per cent.

The crisis is traced back to the policies ten years ago during President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

The government strategies to crush dissent have been widely criticised.

The UN human rights office denounced the “excessive use of force” including the use of live ammunition and urged the government to “stop the crackdown against protesters”.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights group has challenged the order to shut down the internet.



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