British parliament rejects Brexit deal

The British Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted against a deal that the Theresa May government had reached with the European Union to allow an orderly exit of the country from the EU.

The vote, which saw 432 MPs of the lower House of Commons voting against and only 202 in favour, has led to a political crisis, and a possibility that the UK would not leave the EU at all, as the March 29 deadline approaches.

In June 2016 referendum, citizens had voted 52-48 per cent to leave the EU. Pro-Brexiteers had argued that being part of EU did not serve the UK well in political and economic terms.

May had told the parliament that if the deal was rejected, the country would not leave the EU at all rather than making a disorderly, no-deal exit.

The UK had joined the EU in 1973 and exiting the block is to have a major impact on the future generations.



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