At least 30,510 perish in 2014-18 during irregular migration


At least 30,510 people died during irregular migration between 2014 and 2018, said the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) in a new report.

According to the Missing Migrants Project report, drowning itself caused more than 19,000 deaths.

The Mediterranean region witnessed 17,644 deaths, while 6,629 fatalities were recorded in Africa.

“Irregular migration poses significant risks to those who undertake such journeys, and safe legal pathways are urgently needed so that fewer people resort to this option,” said Dr Frank Laczko, director of IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC).

“Even though many foci on the Mediterranean, the truth of the matter is that people die on migratory routes worldwide.”

The main reasons for the fatal deaths were hazardous transportation and natural conditions that migrants encounter when they travel irregularly.

Missing Migrants Project data uses a variety of data sources, some of which are unofficial.



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