People increasingly stay single in Japan


Young people are increasingly preferring to avoid marriage and stay single in Japan. a country of a shrinking population.

While the Shinzo Abe government has declared a target of raising the fertility rate from the current 1.4 to 1.8 by 2025 or so, one in four men and one in seven women stay unmarried by their 50th birthday, as per data. The ratio was one in 50 Japanese men and one in 22 women in 1980.

A survey by end-of-life consultancy firm Kamakura Shinsho Ltd this year revealed that over 70 per cent of single people in their 40s were satisfied with solitude and lead life alone.

A report on The Guardian said that several new businesses are rising in the country targetting single customers such as specialised restaurants.

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Another survey of people aged 18 to 34 found that almost 70 per cent of unmarried men and 60 per cent of unmarried women were not in a relationship.

About 18 million of the 128 million population live alone in the country. People aged above 65 constitute more than a quarter of the population.

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