School students hold protests at Australian parliament against climate change

Hundreds of school students arrived in the Australian capital Canberra and lined up outside the parliament house, wanting to speak to the Prime Minister and the government about taking action against climate change.

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison told them to be less activist and return to school, the Senate approved a motion to support their plan to hold a series of national protests.

Students from Canberra on Wednesday met with Labor, Greens and crossbench MPs. Protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart are scheduled for Friday.

The prime minister had said that climate change is “a very real and serious issue” but that “kids should go to school”. “What we want is more learning in schools and less activism,” he said.

Australia’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions have been climbing, fuelled by the expansion in gas exports and production. The latest figure showed that there was a 1.3% rise in the year to March 2018.



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