In first of such initiative in Indian national capital, a group of 50 manual scavengers were trained under a Skill Development Programme, aimed at rehabilitating them from the hazardous and demeaning profession to pursue other means of livelihood.

Under the programme, the batch was a given a three-month training in housekeeping with a monthly stipend of Rs. 1,000, and given employment by NGO Sadik Masih that will ensure them minimum wages.

The participants of the training program, held at DC office complex in Nand Nagri, were taught learned skills such as using vacuum cleaners, making beds and other hospitality tips.

“We began the process of identifying manual scavengers in Delhi a year ago, and came across 28 from Shahdara, nine from the east district and eight from the northeast district,” District Magistrate (Shahdara and East) K Mahesh told Indian Express.

“Of the 45, 34 joined the programme, and another 16 who were dependents were also made part of this.”

Felicitating the members of the batch, Delhi chief minister said that his government is committed to abolishing the practice in  Delhi.

“Sad that even after 70 years of Independence, there are certain practices like manual scavenging being done as people are so poor and helpless,” he said.



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