While the rest of the country celebrated the festival of light Deepavali by lighting lamps and burning crackers, youth from 110 colleges of Delhi NCR held a campaign to feed tens of thousands of people in 80 cities across the country.

Under the Serving Happiness Campaign, organised by youth leadership movement Leaders For Tomorrow between November 6 to 8, thousands volunteers took up a challenge of feeding five hungry people. Each participant also nominated another five persons to take up the Serving Happiness challenge.

LFT said in a press statement that the aim of the campaign was creating awareness among the youth about the issue of hunger in India, a country that is home to largest undernourished population where one in every four of the children is malnourished.

LFT also urged the participants to keep the Diwali celebrations green and pollution-free in the context of concerns over burning crackers leading to a drop in air quality in Delhi.

“The Serving Happiness campaign isn’t just about feeding the underprivileged but also about spending quality time with them & being the reason for their smile,” said Akshay Kumar, National President LFT.

The volunteers used the social media to promote the message of the campaign by sharing their picture with #ServingHappiness.

“Here every volunteer acts like an atom which creates awareness among his or her family and friends, thus forming molecules and influencing more people to celebrate Diwali in a more meaningful way,” said Kaynaat Gill, the North Zone President.

Leaders for Tomorrow is the largest youth movement for social development in Delhi NCR with a reach nearly 7 lakh youngsters.



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