Global register being launched to prevent abuses in aid sector

A global register is being prepared to prevent criminals getting employed in the aid sector which will see support from the Interpol and the Association of Chief Police Officers’ criminal records office.

The £10m project will get £2m assistance from the UK goverment in the first year of a five-year the pilot scheme, the Guardian reported.

Charities who carry out the criminal record checks of their prospective employees can access the the international register.

Coming in the wake of the Oxfam sexual abuse scandal, the initiative help foster greater information sharing between law enforcement agencies.

“Those in the aid sector will be able to submit a request for checks on prospective employees against national criminal records and Interpol criminal databases,” a UK goverment statement said.

“Interpol will process the requests and when an individual who represents a threat to vulnerable beneficiaries is identified, they will work with the relevant authorities to determine the course of action.”



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