UN convoy delivers food aid in hard-to-reach regions of South Sudan first time in 5 yrs


A United Nations convoy has managed to deliver food aid, for the first time in five years, to people in seven hard-to-reach locations in South Sudan.

The convoy by the World Food Programme transported over 750 tonnes of food and nutrition supplies across the Sobat river, a major tributary of the White Nile, in Upper Nile region, where thousands of South Sudanese people have been displaced by the war.

The conflict that began in 2013 in South Sudan — the youngest nation in the world, formed in 2011 — has made 6.1 million people face severe food shortages.

The aid for Ulang, Luapiny and Nyirol, the destination of the covers, could earlier be delivered by airdrop, which costs around six times more than using river or road transport.

“They urgently need humanitarian assistance. Without it, they face serious challenges. The opening of more viable delivery routes helps us to reach more people and get to them more efficiently,” said Adnan Khan, WFP’s Country Director in South Sudan.



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