India improves ranking in UN e-governance index

For the first time, India has made it into the top 100 positions in the United Nations’ survey on e-governance, by securing the 96th place in the ranking.

The E-Government Development Index, which evaluates 193 member countries on various parameters of e-governance, is released every two years. It ranks countries based on the quality of services provided; literacy rate and level of education; and access to internet and phones.

Expanding the range of online services was a major factor that helped the country improve the ranking. But telecommunications infrastructure and a lack of human capital were the ones that held the country back.

While the ranking is on a scale of zero to one, the country scored 0.95 for the quality of online services, 0.54 in the literacy-related index and 0.20 in infrastructure index.

The overall score was 0.56 out of 1.

India has an internet subscriber base of 38.02%, with 84.7% of urban Indians and only 16.4% of rural Indians being online.



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