Zambia sets up online portal to report online abusive images of children


Zambia has asked its citizens to report abusive images or videos of children to an online portal, in a move to curb such illegal images.

The government sent a text message to every citizen urging them to flag such images. While it guarantees anonymity,  Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a British charity would analyse the reports that people will make.

“Increasingly, children in Zambia have access to mobile phones and mobile internet. Their safety online is paramount,” Muyeba Chikonde, the high commissioner for Zambia in the UK told The Guardian. He added that people are reluctant to report fearing repercussions.

In Zambia an estimated one in five people is online.

Malawi, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Mauritius and Namibia have already worked with IWF to set up such portals.



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