UN representative highlights children’s suffering under South Sudan conflict

A visiting United Nations representative has highlighted grave violations against children in South Sudan, under conflict.

While 1,400 children verified as having been directly affected in 2017, thousands more are indirectly affected, according to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Children and Armed Conflict, Ms Virginia Gamba.

“The crisis in South Sudan is a children’s crisis,” she said, highlighting that 50% of the population in the country is below the age of 18.

“My discussions with the authorities lead me to believe that the time is ripe to work with the Government and revise the existing Action Plans so as to develop a comprehensive plan addressing all six grave violations endured by the children of South Sudan,” she said.

The political impasse started in December 2013, putting the world’s youngest nation — formed in 2011– into deadly conflict, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands and displacement of more than 4 million.



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