Human Rights experts call for protection of rights of indigenous people


Human Rights experts associated with the UN Human Rights Council has called on governments across the world to make sure that rights of indigenous people are protected even when they are forced to migrate to new areas.

“In many parts of the world, indigenous peoples have become migrants because they are fleeing economic deprivation, forced displacement, environmental disasters including climate change impacts, social and political unrest, and militarization,” the experts said in a press release issued on Tuesday.

Estimates say that there are about 370 million indigenous people across the world.

“While States have the sovereign prerogative to manage their borders, they must also recognize international human rights standards and ensure that migrants are not subjected to violence, discrimination, or other treatment that would violate their rights”, they said.

The statement came ahead of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, observed annually on 9 August every year.



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