Zika created health problems among 1 in 7 kids whose mothers were infected: study


One in seven children whose mothers had infected with Zika virus during pregnancy developed health problems associated within a year, shows a new study.

Conducted by analysing 4,800 pregnancies that were affected by Zika, the study showed that 14% of the babies had defectes such as eye abnormalities, brain anomalies or microcephaly and neuro-developmental abnormalities, including hearing problems, and involuntary muscle movements or cerebral palsy.

The study was conducted by rsearchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

The mosquito carried viral disease appeared in the US in the winter of 2016. The study traced those mothers who were affected then, analysing their babies’ health till February this year.

“What makes this report unique, is we’re looking at the health of these babies beyond what was observed at birth,” Peggy Honein, the director of congenital and developmental disorders at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told The Guardian.

“This is really providing us with the first clues about how common some of these neuro-developmental disabilities might be in an entire cohort of children who are impacted by Zika during pregnancy,” said Honein.



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