With 19.3m people with foreign roots, Germany getting more diverse


Germany has 19.3 million people living in the country with foreign roots, shows the results of a new “micro-census”. This new peak is an increase of 4.4% compared to the results of a similar census in 2016, according to Destatis, Germany’s Federal Office for Statistics.

The census defines a person with a “migrant background” as one who was not born in Germany or who has at least one parent who is not a German citizen.

While the census looked at a sample of 1% of the German population, it showed that 51 per cent of those with “migrant background” were German citizens and 49 per cent were foreigners.

As it focused on people living in private households, those living in shared accommodation such as asylum-seeker homes and migrant reception centres are likely to be under-represented, Destatis has said.

Top three ethnic roots were Turkish (14 per cent), followed by Polish (11 per cent) and Russian (7 per cent).

Germany has a population of about 82 million.

The data shows Germany is becoming a more diverse society and the majority of people with foreign roots are German citizens, DW reported.



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