EU asking citizens if they want to keep Daylight Saving Time


The European Union has opened a poll asking its citizens whether they want to keep or scrap the Daylight Saving Time, following a resolution by the European Parliament earlier this year calling on the European Council to assess the need for continuing with the practice.

Every year, the nations under EU go through a traditional time-shift known as the daylight saving, which dates back to decades. Under the arrangement,  the clock is moved forward by an hour in summer, when sunlight lasts longer and is moved back by the same amount of time in winter to balance the day to day activities of the people in different seasons.

Recently, a couple of the EU member countries came up with demands against the usual tradition of time-shifting. Finland demanded the abolition of the practice the march and the October time-switches while Lithuania asked to review and re-analyze it, prompting a resolution by the EU parliament.

The EC has released a questionnaire for citizens asking their opinions. It has given time till mid-August.

Studies have shown that the clock-shift affects people’s health as it affects human biorhythm

“The Commission is committed to gathering European citizens’, stakeholders’ and Member States’ views on possible changes to the current summertime arrangements,” the commission announced.



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