270,000 civilians displaced in south-west Syria due to conflict


A recent UN statement revealed that about 270,000 civilians got displaced in south-west Syria due to the recent events of violence in the course of the Syrian war. The fighting in Deraa and Quneitra provinces have forced people to flee towards borders with Jordan and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

“We were expecting the number of displaced in southern Syria to reach 200000 but it has already exceeded 270,000 people in record time,” Mohammed Hawari, spokesperson of UN Refugee Agency told AFP News agency.

Though both Deraa and Quneitra had been calm for almost a year due to the ‘de-escalation
agreement’, recent assault on rebel-held areas by the military fueled the conflict.

In response to the government’s intense air and artillery strikes, UN officials estimated that up to 50000 people had fled their homes while the actual figure turned out to be about five times higher.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK based monitoring group says that more than 130 civilians have been killed since hostilities escalated in Syria.

Up to 70,000 displaced civilians are reportedly living in makeshift shelters or out in open with limited access to food and water near the Nassib border crossing with Jordan.

Both neighbouring countries, Jordan and Israel haven’t allowed an influx of refugees fearing a human catastrophe. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al Hussein has urged neighbouring countries of Syria to provide safe passage to people wishing to flee the violence.

Jordan’s foreign minister Ayman Safadi has told that Jordan has been delivering tents and medical supplies to Syria but there had been issues in getting them across the border. Jordan has kept its borders closed and will not be taking any more refugees in the country.

Israel too has said that it will not allow Syrians to cross into it’s territory. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a cabinet meeting on Sunday, cleared that the country is willing to provide humanitarian assistance but will not allow any entry of refugees in their territory.



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