People with albinism getting killed in Malawi

People in Malawi who have ‘albinism’ are getting killed for their body parts due to superstitious beliefs. Nearly 148 people are targeted since 2014 in which 14 got murdered and 7 were attempted murder in the East African nation, according to the police. But human rights agency Amnesty International puts the number of dead at 21.

The people’s body parts are sold for good luck, magical powers or sometimes for wealth. There are often long delays in justice as hearing and investigation procedures are time-to consume. Only 30% of cases are concluded and one murder and one attempted murder case are prosecuted successfully so far.

Amnesty International’s Regional Director for South Africa, Deprose Muchena says; “Authorities must end impunity for these crimes immediately. As a first step, they must ensure all pending cases are dealt with without undue delay, an in line with international standards of fairness.”

Government promises security and safety but many times people’s own family members involved in this, according to Amnesty. Lack of finance resource or qualification makes it difficult to take steps against the crime.

“The Malawian authorities must ensure that people with albinism no longer live in fear of organized criminal gangs who prey on their body parts. The government must overhaul the judicial system to guarantee the security and safety of people with albinism, who are some of society’s most vulnerable,” says Muchena.



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