Progress in combating Ebola reported in DR Congo


International agencies have reported progress in combating the latest Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo which has resulted in 27 deaths and reporting of 62 cases.

The World Health Organisation reported that there is “very strong progress” Mbandaka and Bikoro, two of the three initial sites of the outbreak.

Dr Peter Salama of WHO told journalists that protecting urban areas from the disease has gone well and “we can be cautiously optimistic.”

“We’re cautiously optimistic but there’s a lot of very tough work to do in phase two before we say that we’re on the top of this outbreak,” said Dr Salama. “And we’ve learned the hard way in the past never to underestimate Ebola.”

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. It is transmitted to people from wild animals and from other affected people.

An outbreak during 2014-16 in Westen Africa had resulted in over 12,000 deaths.





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