UN chief calls climate change and ‘existential threat’ to humanity


Climate change poses an “existential threat” to humanity and none of the global challenges looms as large as climate change, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has said.

Addressing the R20 Austrian World Summit, a major global gathering on climate change, Guterres urged the world to “use all our resources to build a sense of urgency”.

“Investments in clean, green infrastructure need to be scaled up globally,” he said.

“For that, we need leadership from the finance and investment community and by local, regional and national governments who will decide on major infrastructure plans over the coming years.”

Global investments in renewable energy were $242 billion in 2017, according to International Energy Agency estimates.

But he expressed hope, saying that “the world is seeing a groundswell of climate action”.

Guterres cited examples such as Morocco’s building of a solar farm “the size of Paris, that will power over a million homes by 2020” and China’s achievement in already passing it’s 2020 goal of producing 105 gigawatts of solar power capacity.



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