Reducing poverty reduces TB cases too, shows study


Tackling poverty also has an effect on reducing the prevalence of Tuberculosis cases, says a new study.

The study, published in Lancet Global Health, found that eradicating extreme poverty would lead to an 84% reduction in TB cases by 2035.

The report was prepared by analysing incidences of TB across 192 countries and its co-relation with people who live below $1.90 a day and the coverage of various social programmes in each country.

Tuberculosis is the biggest infectious killer in the world. In 2016, 10.4 million people fell ill with TB and a further 1.7 million died from the disease.

Over 95% of deaths from TB occur in low- and middle-income countries.

“We tend to only engage with TB patients when they are already ill, but this is not enough to eliminate TB. Poverty reduction could be just as effective in tackling the disease as drugs and vaccine,” said Daniel Carter, a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



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