Scientists make significant finding on super-conductivity

Scientists have discovered a new revolutionary method that offers the possibility to develop superconductors at room temperatures by using carbon nanotubes.

Under the new method the nano-tubes kept in an angle of 1.1º, the ‘magic angle’, is shown to have superconducting properties, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge have found.

The system, however, needs to be cooled to 1.7 degrees above absolute zero, but the results show that they could behave like high-temperature super-conductors, says a report on Nature.

Scientists have been so far able to display superconductivity, the property by which they conduct electricity without any resistance, in materials that are super-cooled — with the highest temperature being −140 ºC.

Making it possible at room temperature could be a landmark in areas such as energy transmission, medical scanners and transport.



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