Violence displaces 85,000 people in Yemen in 10 weeks


Over 85,000 people have been displaced due to surging violence in Yemen, in just the last 10 weeks, says official data.

The fighting is most in Taiz and Hudaydah governorates, says the  United Nations refugee agency.

“As a result of prolonged fighting in those two governorates, conditions continue to deteriorate, exposing people to violence and disease without access to basic services,” said Cécile Pouilly, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

New displacements are also increasing from other frontline areas, including Yemen’s border governorates, the agency said.

The middle-eastern nation is experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world with more than 22 million in need. It is also facing the largest cholera outbreak that has affected over one million people.

“With armed conflict ongoing, a stalled peace process and an economic blockade, Yemen are in the grips of a devastating protracted humanitarian and developmental crisis,” said William Lacy Swing, the UN migration agency’s Director General.



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