Venezuelans flee to neighboring countries, to escape from hunger


Amidst the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing hunger, hyperinflation and a political crisis in Venezuela, neighbouring Brazil and Columbia are tightening security at the borders.

Columbia has taken half a million refugees in the last six months of 2017. With illegal migration included, officials believe that the country houses 1 million Venezuelans, since 2015.

Brazil says its social services are strained in the regions housing the refugees. Both the countries would make it hard for more refugees to cross into them.

Venezuela is to hit an inflation level of 13,000% this year, as the economic crisis and shortage of food worsen. Looting sprees are on the rise on the streets.

“Colombia has never before experienced a situation like this,” President Juan Manuel Santos said, reported the Guardian.

“I want to repeat to President Maduro: this is the result of your policies. It is not the fault of Colombians and it’s the result of your refusal to receive humanitarian aid, which has been offered, not just from Colombia but from the international community,” he said.



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