UK government to crackdown unpaid internships


The government of UK has started a drive against unpaid internships, aimed at sectors such as media, the performing arts and law and accountancy firms, where the practice is the most prevalent.

It has over written 550 warning letters to companies and set up enforcement teams to tackle repeat offenders, reported The Guardian.

While the cost of doing an unpaid internship is more than £1,000 a month in London and £827 in Manchester, upaid nature of them often keep them beyond the reach of low and middle income families.

The practice prevails depite being illegal under minimum wages laws.

Estimates say that a fifth of the 10,000 graduates who are in internships six months after they leave university are unpaid.

Campaigners say that many emplyors are exploiting legal provisions that exempt “genuine volunteers” from being entitled to the minimum wage.



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