Desperate for food, people resort to looting in Venezuela


Facing desperate economic conditions and hunger, people in many parts of Venezuela are resorting to looting to get them food.

If it was an angry mob that took away everything from a supermarket in the eastern city of Puerto Ordaz on January 9, another group in the western state of Mérida stoned a cow to death to take it as food.

Residents in the western city of Maracaibo stormed into streets and emptied two trucks full of flour and candy.

A group in Margarita Island took away catch of sardines on a fishing boat. A gang looted two pregnant thoroughbred horses from a veterinary school in  Maracay, west of Caracas, to slaughter them, according to a report on The Guardian.

While the government blames the chaotic conditions on the “economic war” by foreign governments and right-wingers, critics say that expropriation of farms and factories by the government, and ill thought policies are responsible for the conditions.

The country is facing hyperinflation. Despite having one of the largest oil reserves in the world, the country is producing one of the lowest in 29 years.

The government, in a series of new measures, is encouraging people to farm vegetables and chicken on their terraces.



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