UK aid department to support food assistance programme in Sudan


The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) will contribute £32.5 million to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to support internally displaced people in Darfur region of Sudan who has not had regular access to food for many years.

Besides the support for the next two years, DFID support will also provide WFP food assistance to refugees from South Sudan who reside in Sudan.

“Many people in Sudan live day-by-day, forced from their homes and unable to support their families,” said Head of DFID in Sudan Dr Christopher Pycroft.

“This funding will not only help provide lifesaving humanitarian assistance but will also support them to better withstand conflict and climate-related shocks and stresses so that they are able to build healthy and productive lives.”

Over 1.7 million people is expected to benefit from UK aid through innovative programmes such as Food for Assets, which provides food and vouchers to people as incentives for their participation in capacity-building activities such as water harvesting, infrastructure development and handicrafts.



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