UN migration agency warns of rising traffic and exploitation in Rohingya camps


The UN Migration agency has warning of rising human trafficking and exploitation among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Through interviews it found that desperate men, women and children are being recruited with false offers of paid work in various industries including fishing, small commerce, begging and, in the case of girls, domestic work.

But many who take up the work find that they are not paid the promised amount, are forced to work for long hours, and are not allowed to contact family. Women and girls ar e often physically or sexually abused, said International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“Understanding the scope of human trafficking is difficult in most settings due to the hidden nature of the crime,” said Kateryna Ardanyan, a counter-trafficking expert of IOM in a news release.

“In the chaos of a crisis like this, trafficking is usually invisible at first, as there are so many other urgent needs like food and shelter. But agencies responding to this crisis should not wait until the number of identified victims increases,” she added.



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