WHO urges parties in Syria to allow access to Ghouta region


As health, security and humanitarian situation worsen in Ghouta region of Syria, the World Health Organisation has called on all the parties in the conflict to stop attacks on civilians, allow medical evacuations, and safe passage of medical supplies.

WHO estimates that about 400,000 people remain cut-off from life-saving assistance there. This include 240 people in need of emergency medical care.

“The situation is heartbreaking,” Elizabeth Hoff, the head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) operations in Syria,  said in a news release on Sunday.

“We have now reached a critical point, where the lives of hundreds of people, including many children, are at stake. If they do not immediately get the medical care they urgently need, they will most likely die,” she said.

Rising malnutrition in the region is making children prone to infectious diseases, WHO says. Due to contaminated water, diseases such as  Brucellosis, Hepatitis A and tuberculosis have reappeared in the region.



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