A new UN report has accused Myanmar of carrying out brutal, well-organized, coordinated and systematic attacks on the Rohingya minorities not just to drive them out but also to prevent their return.

It says that Myanmar’s strategy is to “instill deep and widespread fear and trauma – physical, emotional and psychological” among the Rohingya population.

The report by  UN human rights office said that the UN team has documented “consistent accounts of the Myanmar security forces surrounding or entering villages or settlements, accompanied by Rakhine Buddhist individuals.

The forces fired “indiscriminately at Rohingya villagers, injuring some and killing other innocent victims, setting houses on fire, and announcing in other villages that the same would befall them if they did not comply with the order to immediately abandon their homes,” the report said.

It also accused the security forces of committing “extrajudicial and summary executions, rape and other forms of sexual violence, torture and attacks on places of worship.”

Over half a million Rohingyas have left the country since August 25, when violence broke out.



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