In a first, a UN discussion on Artificial intelligence saw participation of a humanoid robot as a panelist.

The robot, Sophia, held a brief interaction with UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed on Wednesday, at the event at the UN headquarters where participants discussed Artificial intelligence and its role global development, and the associated challenges, including ethical questions.

“If we are smarter and focused on win-win type of results, A.I. [artificial intelligence] could help proficiently distribute the world’s existing resources like food and energy.” said Sophia to the panelists.

Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot, Sophia has so far given many media interviews, performed in concert, and appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine.

“The influence of technology on our societies should be determined by the actions of us, humans, not by machines,” said Deputy Secretary-General Mohammed in her remarks.

“Technology is here for us to explore and use for the benefit of all,” she said.



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