Waste dumping at Aravallis, Gurgaon civic body says helpless


While waste dumping has intensified at a new dump-site in the Aravallis that has filled two acres of seasonal Ghata lake near the Gurgaon-Faridabad border, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon says it can’t, and won’t do much anything about it.

The municipal body says a court case against a proposed construction and demolition waste treatment plant is pending has tied its hands, leaving it with no option but to allow such dumping, despite environmentalists raising alarm against it.

“Since environmentalists approached the National Green Tribunal in June and managed to get a stay on the plant, we were left with no option but to allow people to dump waste anywhere,” an official told The Times of India.

NGT, in 2016, had put a ban on dumping waste in Aravallis, and directed the police to ensure that no violations take place.



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