Suu Kyi says not feared of international scrutiny, condemns violence


Breaking her silence for the first time on the Rohingya issue, the de facto leader of Myanmar  said that that the country “does not fear international scrutiny,” while adding that she condemned “all human rights violations” and “unlawful violence”.

She said she is “aware of the fact that the world’s attention is focused on the situation in Rakhine State.”

Suu Kyi pointed out that Myanmar is a young democracy and “after half a century or more of authoritarian rule, now we are in the process of nurturing our nation.”

However in the live televised speech she did not mention Rohingya specifically, instead referred to the broad terms of Muslims and Muslim groups.

“The security forces have been instructed to adhere strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out security operations, to exercise all due restraint and to full measures to avoid collateral damage and the harming of innocent civilians,” she said.

Lakhs of Rohingyas are affected by the violence that started since August 25.



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