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  1. India to launch Zero Hunger programme

India will launch its  ambitious ‘Zero Hunger’ programme through interventions in farm sector at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Koraput in Odisha and Thane in Maharashtra on October 16.

  1. India back Trump’s plan to reform UN

India said it supports US President Donald Trump’s efforts to reform the UN and that this should include the expansion of the world body’s permanent and non-permanent members to keep pace with the changed times.

  1. Suu Kyi says not feared of international scrutiny, condemns violence

Breaking her silence for the first time on the Rohingya issue, the de facto leader of Myanmar  said that that the country “does not fear international scrutiny,” while adding that she condemned “all human rights violations” and “unlawful violence”. Read more

  1. Myanmar rejects international probe

Myanmar has rejected demands of UN human rights investigators who said they needed “full and unfettered” access to Myanmar to investigate a grave and ongoing crisis,

  1. Scientists confirm S. Chandrasekhar’s theory after 70 years

Scientists in Australia have observed the phenomenon that rapidly rotating stars would emit polarised light,  70 years after Indian astrophysicist and Nobel laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar predicted it.

  1. Hurricane Maria intensified into Category 5 storm

Hurricane Maria is now a dangerous Category 5 storm and has surged into the eastern Caribbean on Monday night. Weathermen has warned it might become even stronger.

  1. Investigate North Korea’s nuclear links: India

India has asked for investigations into North Korea’s nuclear proliferation linkages and asked to hold accountable those responsible for it, in a veiled reference to Pakistan at the UN.

  1. Haryana to introduce 35 free medical tests at doorsteps

Haryana plans to conduct 35 medical tests free of cost, under a first-of-its-kind medical scheme to be launched soon. Read more.

  1. Substitute women and infant rations with cash transfer: WCD ministry

Ministry of Woman and Child Development (WCD) has proposed substituting take-home rations for infants and pregnant and lactating mothers, given from Anganwadis with cash transfers. Read more

  1. Dengue, Malaria spike in capital this year: MCD data

While the number of dengue case in Delhi increased by 22% in 2017 compared to last year, Chikungunya cases saw a 85% drop. Read more



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