The free saree distribution drive by the Telangana government saw protests by women complaining of the poor quality of sarees.

While the government spent Rs 222 crore to purchase 1.04 sarees to be distributed among women below poverty line in the state during the Bathukamma festival, many parts of the state saw angry women making bonfires with the Sarees.

The government, however, says this is the handwork of the opposition.

The state on Monday distributed 26 lakh sarees through 8000 centres.

“We were thoroughly disappointed over the quality of the polyester sarees, which does not cost even Rs 50-Rs 60 each,” a woman told the Hindustan Times. “It is not worth even for cleaning floors. KCR should not have taken up the scheme at all, rather than insulting us with the poor quality of sarees,” she said referring to Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

“Instead of getting a good name, KCR is losing our respect by giving such sarees. Will his daughter Kavitha dance Bathukamma wearing such a saree? Instead of this show of generosity, they should give us our ration on time and ensure quality,” another woman told NDTV.



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