A Gates foundation report has praised India’s efforts at digital financial inclusion, and Aadhar, highlighted how it transformed the lives of Indian women.

The report talked about the study by Rohini Pande, professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, who tested the hypothesis that financial inclusion of women who traditionally had been excluded from making economic decision could empower them.

She found through studies in India that women who received wages in their own bank accounts worked more and saved more.

“The interesting thing was that they not only worked more in the government’s workfare program; they also worked more in the private sector,” Pande said in a conversation with Melinda Gates.

“Having and using a bank account changed her sense of self, or her ability to express her sense of self.”

The research recommended digital is a great way to go about financial inclusion as it makes services cheaper and transparent.

“An important finding from our study was that women need a lot of additional training to feel comfortable using digital financial services,” she said.



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