Diplomats from over 100 countries will meet at Geneva on Monday to discuss the reasons for the failure of four year old UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), as it could not stop the flow of weapons to the world’s war zones.

The ATT prohibited international transfer of arms if they are to be used for war crimes, or to commit or facilitate serious human rights violations.

“About half a million people are killed every year by firearms, and millions more are trapped in brutal conflicts fuelled by reckless arms sales,” said James Lynch, Head of Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International.

“The Arms Trade Treaty promised to save countless lives by reigning in this massive, secretive industry, but at the moment weak implementation and a lack of transparency are threatening to undermine it,” he added.

Although all countries agreed to the treaty are required to submit annual reports on their arms imports and exports, only 48 out of 75 states have done this.

Statistics by Amnesty show that transfers of major conventional weapons reached their highest volume since the end of the Cold War in the last five years.

The five UNSC permanent members were responsible for over 70% of the arms trade.



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