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UN report details Myanmar’s brutal campaign to drive out Rohingya

A new UN report has accused Myanmar of carrying out brutal, well-organized, coordinated and systematic attacks on the Rohingya minorities not just to drive...

Raise political crackdown in Tajikistan during dialigue: HRW urges EU

While European Union and Tajikistan are to hold another round of high-level talks on human rights on Thursday a leading human rights NGO has...

Rwanda security forces conduct tortures with impunity: report

Rwandan military has tortured detainees with beatings, asphyxiations, mock executions, and electric shocks, says a Human Rights Watch report, confirming 104 such cases betwen...


Yemen sees the worst Cholera outbreak in modern history

As the number of Cholera affected crossed 815,000 in Yemen, the epidemic has turned into one of the worst outbreaks in the modern history. While...

Armania’s terminally ill to benefit from new palliative policies

The Armanian government has taken major steps to bring relief to patients who are terminally ill by making available liquid oral morphine in the...

Eat less meat to cut drug resistance, says study

By Dyna Rochmyaningsih Cutting meat consumption is one of three strategies that an international team of scientists recommends to tackle the rising problem of...


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Wildfires continue in California, killing at least 23

At least 23 were killed and 285 people remain missing as massive wild fires sweep over 170,000 acres through Northern California's wine country. Authorities have...

Development banks still funding fossil fuel projects: report

Despite the talk of "green finance" and global commitments, many multilateral development banks (MDBs) continue funding billions of dollars in fossil fuel projects, ignoring...

Thailand to ban smoking at beaches

Thailand is to ban smoking at some of the country’s most popular tourist beaches, after a recent survey highlighted littering with cigarette butts as...